a place for the words that won't leave my head.
i follow back.

"i’ve caught myself drinking a lot more than usual since you left
not specifically alcohol,
just drinking in general
and i realized that i’m desperately trying to get you
off of my tongue
and off of my skin
and down the fucking drain." -

ten months

"to my sister,
baby, perhaps you’re going to find yourself
in the arms of a boy who hits you
and i beg you to run away
one day you’re going to find yourself alone
and you’ll think that this is the end
that your life is over because he didnt love you back
and i beg you to stand up
and walk outside
and see all the beauty that lies there
you will have days where
a razor looks like relief
and i beg you to realize that it is not
i hope that when girls call you ugly,
you’re able to go home to your mirror
and know they’re lying.
i beg you
to know the importance of self love" - k.s.

memories #6

memories #5